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Western Oakland boarding school students missing


Police are appealing for any information or sightings of Pehitahi Poumako, who was reported missing by Westbridge Residential School in Massey on June 29.

He has not been in contact with any family members of friends and Sergeant Mike Colson says although there are no immediate fears from his safety, concern is mounting due to the length of time there has been no contact.

Sgt Colson told NZ Newswire Pehitahi's mother is becoming increasingly worried for her son and has begun putting up posters around west Auckland appealing to the public for information.

Pehitahi has been reported missing before and on that occasion he was found staying with another family who was not aware police were searching for him.

Pehitahi is described as Maori, of thin build, 148cm tall, with black hair and brown eyes.

He was last seen wearing his school uniform of a teal polo shirt and navy shorts.

Westbridge Residential School specialises in working with students with severe behavioural difficulties, according to the Ministry of Education's website.